Visualising 3D shapes from 2D drawings

This week, Year 5s have learnt to visualise 3D shapes from 2D drawings. This means that when we draw a 3-D shape on a 2-D surface such as a page in a book or on a board or screen, it is called a 2-D representation of a 3-D shape.

After drawing the solids on isometric paper, pupils have practiced visualising the 3D shapes from 2D drawings on an interactive isometric software.

Have a look at our amazing work and challenge yourself by drawing these solids. It is harder than it looks!


Nonie - That's really thnkiing out of the box. Thanks!

Anjola - that looks so much fun

Deen - ......I failed :(

arafat - thx

leonie - ahh

Gurkeeret - we worked hard

andrew lol - rly chyna -_-

Chyna - This was so fun

andrew lol - Wow, Crystal! It's hard to do it!

Ms Manda - You make me proud, Crystal class! Only 3rd lesson and you managed to demonstrate spatial awareness of various solids. Keep it up!

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